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Murals of Route 66

Ahhhhh, the murals. Before our Route 66 adventure this summer, I had heard that the murals were a thing. We also had been on little parts of The Mother Road in Texas and had seen a couple. My plan was, find the murals and take pics, write about how we saw "all" the murals. 不 Insert eye roll 云, lols, hahahahas五, etc. Iykyk, if you don't - well, let's just say that I doubt ANYone could photograph ALL of them. So, I am going to share some of the murals I was able to capture.

Murals are EVERYWHERE on Route 66 some are rudimentary, some are making statements, some are representing Route 66, and some are just beautiful! They are an adventure in and of themselves.

If you get a chance to hop on pieces of The Mother Road, look around, if there is a building, a grocery store, or even a wall, you are bound to find a mural - they connect the states, the road, the people!

Have a beautiful day, find the beauty all around, the people are what make it the adventure that it is - Route 66!

CrazyLady on her way to another 云 adventure, sending you Sunshine and Kisses!

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