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Creative Time Out

It's been a minute since I've posted, but I've been taking a sort of "time-out" for creative purposes. I'd like to begin with a huge shout-out to Roxanne for redesigning this website and making room and spaces for the next step - the creative stuff! As I've hinted on Instagram and Facebook, the Crazy Lady Adventures candle lines have begun! Let me explain.

I've loved candles forever, seriously. At one point in my life I sold PartyLite Candles, which started because Roxanne invited me to a candle party. My now friend, Margaret Borello, asked me to have a party - and I'm a sucker for candles and parties, thus began my adventure with PartyLite. When I was younger, I dabbled in melting wax and playing with making candles and wax melts, but nothing too crazy..

Not really sure when God planted the seed, but with everything I've been through in the past 2 years - my cancer journey, losing my high school friend last year, and then turning around and losing one of my closest adult friends (which included the journey she put me on by being her healthcare advocate, hands down the HARDEST thing I've ever been through), I emerged in the fall - different, affected, focused, determined to LIVE to my fullest extent. What this included was me stepping down at work from a position of leadership to office staff, having an amazing engagement party for Meghan and Wolf - because life MUST be celebrated, buying plane tickets for Alex and I to Alaska for New Year's - because winter in Alaska was a dream and it did not disappoint!!!!!, starting my LLC in November (happy b-day to me), and starting my travel inspired candle lines, and oh, yeah, I watch Milaina on Thursdays now. WOW. yeah, it's a lot - a LOT of good stuff!!!

I've really tapped into my creative side which has been lying dormant since I went back to work full time 10 years ago. I've always loved to bake, so creating "recipes" for my candles really wasn't a stretch, getting the right ingredients has been the challenge. There are certain things about some of the places I've traveled that really inspire me. With that I began my New Orleans Collection! Sazerac Nights, Mardi Gras au Lait, and French Quarter Fizz. All of these fragrances are based off New Orleans beverages - cafe au lait, Ramos Gin Fizz, and Sazerac. To be honest, writing this is scary as hell. I feel like I'm presenting myself naked to be judged, sized up, and found wanting. I have waited until I'm confident with my research, test runs, trials, failures (scents, color, too much lavender), and glassware, to present this adventure. Each one will come with a story of why. If you know me, you are already putting 2 and 2 together.

Along with each line (the next 2 lines of 3 fragrances each are already in the works), there will be one offs. This began with me sampling and playing with lavender. Lavender was a part of my life during 2 very challenging times. The first was when I was pregnant with Alex and had morning sickness for 7 months. A wonderful Miccosukee Medicine Woman (Denise) introduced me to the calming therapeutic wonders of fresh lavender tea. I drank this all the time (the lavender buds and all). The second time was in March of 2021. I had a biopsy on the tumor in my pancreas, then took off the next day for Shenandoah Valley National Park. We already suspected it was cancer, but weren't sure. Carri, my dear cousin/sister/friend, met Alex and I, and we spent a long weekend exploring. To be honest, I was praying the call would come while I was with her, because she'd been there. But, instead, we had a wonderful time, ignored the elephant in the fire, which Alex built in the evenings, and we went to a beautiful lavender farm - White Oak Lavender Farm & The Purple Wolf Vineyard. This place was beautiful, peaceful, serene, and I loaded up on lavender - lip balm, bath wash, lotion, and yes, wine. Fast forward to having some lavender in the kitchen and saying "why not?". This was a great material to experiment with because it smells good no matter what.

In my desire to give back, and having done a podcast with Project Purple, I've decided to dedicate this candle to my journey. There will be a special page on this website dedicated to the work Project Purple is doing, along with the opportunity to purchase "Sweet Surrender". A portion of the profits from the sale of these candles will go directly to Project Purple, raising awareness for pancreatic cancer research.

When I got in the car and drove to VA, I completely surrendered the results, my future, my life, to the will of God. I knew that no matter what, He was going to see me through. It was so hard for Steve to drop me off at the front doors for that biopsy, to walk in there alone, but I surrendered everything that day and began an adventure that has literally changed my life.

WELCOME TO CRAZY LADY ADVENTURES, LLC. Life is an adventure. I hope you love these candles as much as I do. They've been hand poured with lots of love and creativity!

Keep shining your light, your crazy candlemaker lady, Crazy Lady!

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Roxanne Chilson
Roxanne Chilson
03 mrt. 2023

I can't wait to see what unfolds.💗💗

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