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French Quarter Fizz

French Quarter Fizz


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I cannot write about this candle without mentioning Wolfgang and the adventure he set Meghan and I on quite a few years ago. As we were walking on St. Ann, stopping here and there to have a drink and chat, Meghan said Wolfgang suggested we try this drink, Ramos Gin Fizz, and that the best was at BarTonique just off St. Ann’s. Always up for something new, we walked past Bourbon Street, up St. Ann’s toward Armstrong Park, made a right, and there was this hidden gem bar where we immediately felt at home, and return to every trip. The candle creation, French Quarter Fizz, is lemon based, with a slight hint of vanilla. Refreshing, as is the beverage!


French Quarter Fizz pays homage to this drink that was created in New Orleans by Henry C. Ramos in 1888.


Note: Ramos Gin Fizz is not on the menu. It's an "if you know you know" drink.


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