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14 Nights, 14 Different Sleeps

July 30 - August 13

I didn't plan to sleep somewhere different EVERY night, but that's what happened. There is so much to explore, so many things to see, it's just easier to pack up and drive to see more. (This is why I want a van...) Anyway, some nights were great, some were not, but these were our nights.

  1. July 30 - KOA in Cartersville, GA - great breeze, Alex slept in his hammock, I in our tent. Definitely would stay here again - their COVID-19 standards surpassed many places we saw. Not to mention, near enough to Cherrise that she brought me Starbucks - always a bonus, sometimes, coffee is hard to come by!☕

  2. July 31 - Montgomery City, MO - drove hard, slept in a hotel - our main goal being to get to WA!😴

  3. Aug 1 - Cherrise told us about Hippie Camps - We were in the middle of WY, gave it a shot, and found a place to set up our tent on someone's property. (cool experience, more about this later)🏕

  4. Aug 2 - Boise, ID, Hampton Inn. This was a lovely stay, did some laundry, let Alex sleep in. 🧺

  5. Aug 3 - KOA Ellensburg, WA. 😐

  6. Aug 4 - Wyndham, Lacey, WA - Made sausage and eggs in a microwave!😋

  7. Aug 5 - Hampton Inn & Suites, Puyallup, WA - by far, my favorite hotel experience! 🎉

  8. Aug 6 - Wolf Lodge Campground, Coeur d'Alene, ID - awesome campsite, beautiful scenery, best dinner over a fire (in the rain)!🍽🌧🔥

  9. Aug 7 - Big Bear Motel, Cody, WY - great people, drive through liquor store that sells "to go" frozen adult beverages in town...long story, great town.🥤

  10. Aug 8 - KOA Custer, SD, stayed in a Kamping Kabin. Great campground, people way to relaxed about COVID-19, loved the town!🍔

  11. Aug 9 - Worthington, MN - stayed in a little hotel that practiced great COVID-19 safety, ordered Domino's Pizza - fantastic little town, or maybe I was just hungry!😂 🍕

  12. Aug 10 - West Chicago, IL - the lovely home of our cousin, Dyanne, and her awesome husband, Tom! What a wonderful visit, best night/morning! ✝💚🍷

  13. Aug 11 - Williamsburg, KY - We are seriously pooped. What a trip. 🍔 Chik-fil-A in Lexington kept us going for a bit.

  14. Aug 12 - Kim and Barry's, Spring Hill, FL, because sometimes it's nice to decompress with family, before those last 5 hours home.💜

  15. Aug 13 - Home - WOW - what a trip. 4 nights in a tent, 2 nights with family, 1 Kamping Kabin, 6 hotels, 1 motel.

I don't have pictures of everywhere we slept, because sometimes I was just too done. Many nights we crawled into bed and knocked out. Occasionally, it was super late. I do NOT travel with an air mattress. Found out once in Stockton, TX, that I sleep just fine on the ground if I'm tired enough! This trip there were no sleeps in the car, and we avoided public restrooms as much as possible. Hand sanitizer and soap and Lysol (or other brands) of spray went everywhere. NO surface was touched until it was sprayed - including curtain pulls. Alex was great at staying on top of sanitizing.

Have a great day, thanks for joining me on this journey! Sandee a.k.a. CrazyLady

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