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1st Dump and Official Day 1

We woke up in Iowa, ready to attack our 1st dump. I'd say it wasn't bad for the 1st, Alex said it was horrible...maybe because he was almost covered in poop. Our dump tube is really low, the dump hole was about 6 inches above the ground, gravity was not our friend. After doing all the right things, Alex went to feed the tube back into place, at ground level, and WHOOSH SURPRISE! He has great reflexes!

We drove to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Terista's husband Greg told us it was an interesting tourist spot, it was on our route, and it is free. This was a fun way to break up our trip, walk around, and we learned a bit of history! It's "corny" and worth the stop!

Other than that, we drove. Natasha is running great, the CD player works, and we haven't killed each other - stay tuned, there is still time!

Steve and Meghan looked ahead and reserved us a spot at a campground in Minute Man, SD. I love this state, and as I write, the winds of the Badlands are blowing over me. This country is so beautiful, if you haven't seen it, at least venture a bit - it will be worth the drive! I saw Prairie dogs and deer today, just from the driver's seat.

Tomorrow is going to be a hard drive, our goal is Thursday, Kalispell, MT, but early enough to go to Glacier National Park. We are running on Faith, and mine is deep and strong. My God amazes me every day! Oh, and by the way - Alex's passport came in. God's timing is always perfect!

In Faith and Love, from the beautiful State of South Dakota - CrazyLady!


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