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3 Days - planning, prepping, playing...wait, what?

Hi! In 3 days Alex and I will be embarking on another epic road trip, but he has been in Pennsylvania all week with Carri and Joe (learning how to drive stick shift with Joe's Camaro, farming, driving tractors), and I've spent time with Jennifer, Mike, and RaeLynn, and Caitlin this week. Needless to say, not much physical work has been done, but, since we've been planning this for so long, it shouldn't take much time to get Natasha ready. I have to close tonight, work next 3 day, then we leave - going to be a big push and test of stamina, but I keep got this.

When we came home from Canada, we immediately put together a list of things needed to fix/replace/bring for our next adventure. And I mean we put this list together in the driveway so we wouldn't forget. We've replaces the water filter, bought a kettle, a small pot, fixed generator, replaced a/c, and replaced radio. I have purchased foods for cooking, snacking, and seasoning (Fish and Meat sauce by Grace is a big staple).

Looking forward to having Alex home to finish getting Natasha ready with helps to bounce things off each other (and he's the one with the notes 🤣).

He has planned this trip since he was 10 - Route 66 when he is 16 so he can help drive - well, buddy, we begin this adventure and I'm about as excited as you!

Stay Crazy, stay adventurous, and find your happy!!!

CrazyLady 🌻

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Fabulous! I can’t wait to see what the road holds for you.

Sandee Hamilton
Sandee Hamilton
Jul 16, 2022
Replying to

Right back at you cousin! Can't wait to see what England holds for you! Adventure awaits!

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