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6 Days, Counting Down - it's been a process!

Good morning!!! Much to share today. Natasha has been out of commission for about 3 months. When we came home from Canada, Steve decided to change out the 20 year old radio (I was fine with it), and put in a blue tooth radio and new speakers. Then, because I killed the ac/heating unit, we had to replace that. Decided to replace with just an ac since we have a propane heater. This was quite a process!!! (For Steve, thank God he is mechanically inclined!) And, last but not least he had to fix the generator. This was a HUGE deal. Alex and I are planning to boondocks and it's gonna be really hot. Steve replaced the carburetor in the generator, but discovered the fuel pump was not connected to the generator so had to drop the gas tank to access the fuel wobbled on the jacks and the gas spilled all over Steve and the driveway - we estimate about 15 gallons. After all was said and done, Sunday, Steve put the finishing touches on and EVERYTHING works!!! So now I have to get the inside ready - clean, make beds, start putting food away...

And, we added a new princess to our tribe last week!!! Meet our granddaughter, Milaina! So, work on Natasha, or go hold Milaina? Sunday and Monday Milaina won, Tuesday I had to close...on that week before I travel push...a bit crazy, but...that's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Have an amazing day, find your 🤪, embrace it! CrazyLady 🌻


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So exciting! (Except for the spilled gas part… 🥺)

Gefällt mir
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