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Adjust. Improvise. Be flexible.

I sat and cried while waiting for our paperwork. We got in Natasha and had to drive around to a stop sign for our passports. I couldn't look at the guy, just crying so hard.

When we got back into 🇺🇸, and I was driving down the road, I was asking God "WHY"? Why would He get me there and then not let me in? I know He always has His reasons, but man was my heart hurt. Then I realized that we tried. We did EVERYTHING right and we tried. My dream road trip was to drive to Alaska, and maybe someday I will, but to have a dream and not try would have been so much worse. I told Alex, "always go for your dreams, always try".

But, you know what I've dreamt about my entire adult life? Going to Alaska. And baby, that's where I am. Because God provided a way, because God knows best. We flew from Spokane. We had time to rest on the plane. We have more time to spend in Alaska. And guess what? This place is AWESOME. We are with family. Spent yesterday with Charlene, went to Santa's House in North Pole, went to this neat Great Alaskan Bowl Factory where they make bowls out of Birch Wood, and saw my first MOOSE!!! We had time to visit with Gary and Charlene in the evening, and man I love them, and this is so much better - time with loved ones.

We went to this diner that had amazing food. We each had a dish with buffalo sausage and reindeer sausage. Yes, we are adventurous, and yes we try local foods! Delicious! Oh, and the coffee mug? HUGE! PERFECT! How can you not be happy in a town where the street lights look like candy canes?!?

Today, Alex and I are driving to Denali, and then to Anchorage. More adventures await!

Always go for your dreams. Try, but be flexible. God's plans for us are so much greater than what we can plan for ourselves!!!

CrazyLady in Alaska, checking off that list, and, hey - state #49!!! Love yourself, love others, and live!

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