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Adventures of Life

This past month did NOT go quite as planned. My feelings and emotions are all over the place, and I will be writing about our Route 66 adventures soon, but this post is about life - the ups, the downs, the gains and losses. Life isn't clean. It's messy, it's chaotic, it's fun, it's sad.

July 5 we welcomed our beautiful granddaughter, Milaina, into the world. She is the light in my life. Her parents are not ours by birth, but have roots deeply wound around my heart, and will forevermore be claimed as mine. 🌻

On August 11, 3 days after we returned home, Yevette, one of my dear friends of 25 years, went to be with the Lord after a short battle with cancer. She left us too soon, and it is one of the hardest things I've ever gone through. 💔 Grateful always for the music you brought to my life, Yevette. The laughter, the tears, the crafts, the Bible studies, the friendship, the ministries...forever in my heart.

In between, our daughter, Meghan, became engaged to the love of her life, Wolfgang, in a beautiful well-planned engagement at a park overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge - with a photographer capturing the special moment. ❤️ This sweet man even prepared special books of the pictures from the engagement for his mom and me.

Then, halfway on Route 66, we found out that our dog of 13 years had a seizure, was rushed to the vet, and after 2 torturous days of not eating, us trying to decide if Alex should be flown home, or we should turn back, he took a turn for the better.

All the while, Alex and I were having the adventure of a lifetime for 3 weeks. Emotional roller-coaster doesn't even touch it. Taking breaks to help Yevette's son long distance, having to settle for pictures of Meghan's engagement 💍 until we got home, and getting multiple updates a day on Max, our beloved puppy.

This is life, it is messy, but if you live it, if you do it right, it will be. With great love comes great pain...but, you love anyway. As Garth Brooks said, "our lives, are better left to chance, I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance".

Thanks for joining me on this Crazy journey of life. Love like Crazy -

Your CrazyLady! 🌻

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