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Alaska Highway - The Wild Side

Wow. The Alcan! Can I just say, it did not disappoint! We saw so much wildlife - more than expected! And the views? Purple Fireweed flowers everywhere. Lakes, rivers, mountains! Every minute of every mile, you are alert and searching for animals. Looking at the views. Some parts of the road are rough. 1 day we were averaging 40 miles per hour. 1 day we drove a total of 300 miles over the course of 9 hours. We were constantly mindful of our gas ⛽️, some towns had no gas stations, or they were shut down. We cooked or prepared all our meals in Natasha, found free boondocking sites - some were exceptional.

I was tired after driving and would occasionally nap when Alex took over. But I was always afraid of missing a view or an animal!

This was a chance for me to detox from my crazy schedule at home with my Publix job and starting my own business, running a home, and still raising a family. I was truly exhausted. By being hyper focused in the moment, I was able to breathe and finally relax.

Our journey is not over, but I'm ready for the next page!

Breathe in the moments, and stay Crazy!

Crazy Lady from Alaska - living happily in the moment!!!

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