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Alaska is calling!

28 days. The countdown is on! 4 weeks. Alex and I are going to experience the other extreme of Alaska, the part where there is minimal sun, and the temps are below negative.

It's fascinating to me to experience places in all their differences.

We were there in July 2021 - land of the midnight 🌞 - and that's no joke. I couldn't believe it. We were at a restaurant in Anchorage with Michie at 11pm, waiting for a table - the Moose"s Tooth was PACKED!

Alex and I love looking for snow, for cooler weather, for something different. I guess that's what happens when a Pennsylvania transplant ends up in South Florida as a teen and was never fond of the heat. Then she falls in love with a man from Jamaica, who was transplanted to Canada and never liked the cold, and ended up in South Florida. We ended up with one child who is not a fan of cold weather, and another one just like his mom - who went to Alaska and fell in love with the wide open spaces, cooler weather, and amazing scenery!

So here we are, trying to figure out how to dress for such extreme cold (temps will be in the -20 to -30 range). How do you plan for that? Obviously we won't be outside for any length of time, but we will be going to the Arctic Circle. We will be searching for wildlife. I definitely want to try the toss water in the air trick, you know...see if it freezes? The silly cold stuff we don't get to do when the coldest temps we get are above freezing!

Anyway, so excited to get to do this.will be driving everyone around me 🤪. I love to travel. To explore. To experience different places. I love adventure, and am already planning the next next one!

Live your adventure. Be happy. Be crazy.

Your soon to be in Alaska, CrazyLady! 🌻

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