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Always an Adventure!

Glacier National Park is having road work done. They have also reduced the amount of visitors they allow in. Since we were closest to the West Gate, we bought our ticket online the night before - because you have to have a park specific ticket, and we headed over.

After showing them my ticket, I was asked where my Going To The Sun Road ticket was. Well, I didn't want to go on that road ,therefore didn't buy a ticket. We were sent to another ranger, who informed us we were not allowed in that entrance without the GTTS ticket. These apparently need to be bought 2 days in advance because they sell out. Then he gives me a map shows me all these road closures, and says I can drive to the East Gate entrance - 59 miles away. In tears, I head to the village area and we go into the store, shop for some Park memorabilia, then decide to drive to West Gate.

This drive skirts the Lewis and Clark National Forest and Glacier National.Park and even goes through the base of the park. Beautiful, stunning views everywhere. We arrive. Pull out phone. Show pass. Ranger lady thanks me, but informs me we can't get in. Come back in a few hours. I explain I drove 59 miles from the west, she says, yeah, sorry. I ask if we can get in line - nope. Bye. So Alex and I turn around and look at a map - he tells me there is a Ranger station called Cut Bank - okay, let's go, might as well make the most of this.

We end up on this twisty, no barricade, narrow road for what feels like forever. I am white knuckle gripping the steering wheel. We are going up and down this mountain - gorgeous views, but I'm afraid to look. 2 hands on the wheel, eyes locked. Up down, hairpin turns. Oh my gosh. Finally, we come to a normal road that leads to where Alex to turn. Onto a dirt/rock road. For 5 miles. To the end. Cows roam across the street. Beautiful wildflowers everywhere. River running alongside. There are mountain views everywhere.

When we finish, Alex finds an alternative route for me to drive so I can avoid the crazy twisty road, and we decide to go back to Kalispell.

We stop at the Huckleberry Patch store and restaurant which opened in 1949. We always try to get local honey when we travel. We also get ice cream for Alex, and milkshake for me - huckleberry, and it's delicious! Way better than the chokecherry in WA!!!

Since I was trying the day before to find a campground and there are none, we decide to stay at Walmart again. I've gotta tell you, it's not bad. No one bothers anyone. People in fancy campers, people in cars, rigs, camper vans - it's free, and when there is nowhere else, it works!

We are going to drive to Idaho today, looking for adventures. Have a spectacular Sunday. Be blessed, and stay Crazy!

CrazyLady and the best crazy co-pilot ever!


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1 Comment

David Pounds
David Pounds
Jul 26, 2021

Sounds like an insane way to run a National Park!

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