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PET Scan shows 1 neuroendocrine tumor. 1 cancerous tumor. That's it. No metastases. Dr. Nk said go, live, travel to Alaska, then come home and have the surgery. The tears flowed. I felt like I'd been holding my breath for 2 weeks. Waiting for those answers. Not knowing if there was more. Not knowing if I could go on this trip. Not knowing what else I might face. The relief, the joy, the overwhelming emotion of having 1 tumor, 1 cancer. Yes, i still have cancer, but God is going to get me through this summer, through surgery, and to the other side.

I'm lucky and I am grateful, because now I am planning a trip, and we leave in 6 weeks and 4 days. Today, we are going to look at another camper van in Cape Coral. I love the one in Miami, but this one has some different features, so we shall see.

In the meantime, I decided to be the Cooking Merit Badge Counselor for my son's BSA Troop. I love a challenge, love cooking - especially outside, and discovered after working all day Friday then going shopping for 2.5 hours at Walmart with 5 teenage boys and another scout master, this is going to be a GREAT adventure. Yesterday, after working all day, I was able to go to Camp Elmore, observe these 5 boys cook their meals, and then cook their desserts in their Dutch ovens. Their meals were fish with mango salsa, chicken and shrimp with yellow rice, steak and potatoes with Caesar salad, a special nacho style dish made in a Dutch oven, and beautiful handmade burgers. The boys rocked it, they fed 28 adults and themselves. This adventure is gonna be fun - and tasty!!!

This Crazy Lady is going to Alaska. Covering the bases. Vaccination card ready. Working on our passports. Just gotta get a camper van!

Be blessed and be a blessing! 🚙🐸🌻


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Roxanne Chilson
Roxanne Chilson
May 16, 2021

What a summer to remember this will be.

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