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Wow. We anticipate so many things. It can be positive, or negative, butterflies or nauseous, the word anticipation evokes strong feelings. Today, I am anticipating going on a road trip, out of Florida, for the 1st time since my surgery. I have been planning this for 3 months. I cannot wait to see the many places we will go. Every trip leaves me with memories that I pull on in times of stress or restlessness. When I feel trapped I think about the Badlands, or Crater Lake. I'll smile remembering my 1st drive across South Dakota, the intense winds. Or the Buffalo at Yellowstone beside the car, in front of the car, and how small I felt in that moment. Or the strong sense of home I felt when landing in Fairbanks, Alaska - having wanted to travel there since forever, and Alaska being even more than I thought it would be after anticipating that trip for so long!!! Or this morning, as I get ready to go to work, anticipating my 2pm appointment with Dr. Nk, where I will get the results of my CT Scan from Monday...ahhhh, the anticipation of hearing what I pray will be that Dr. Merchant got it all. Today, is exciting and scary. I am ready. My coffee cup is almost empty. No matter what happens, God is ALWAYS with me. I could never have made it this past year without my faith in God, without, praying through every step and knowing I was not alone. So, here we go. Carpe diem. Sieze the day. Laissez le bon Temps rouler. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! This CrazyLady is grabbing the day with her eyes wide open!!! Be ready. Anticipate great things!

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