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Band competition - campground down the street!

Good morning! Natasha, our 2002 Roadtrek, was the absolute best purchase we've made. Alex had a State Competition in Ocala, Florida, the 3rd weekend in November and down the street from where he was staying was a campground with Good Sam Discounts. For 2 nights I paid less than I would have for 1 night in a hotel, and Natasha is like being home! One of my best and dearest humans lives an hour away, so she and her youngest joined me! They drove me around, stood in line forever to get our lunches, and afterwards we went to dinner. The venue (World Equestrian Center) was beautiful, the company was great, and being able to be there after not being sure I could drive that far alone (still recovering) - PRICELESS. At the end of the competition the University of Florida Marching Band performed - and they were spectacular! Not only did I do this trip without any physical complications from the drive, but when I came home, I was able to stop and see my aunt and cousin in Winter Haven, then rushed back to get my 2nd iron infusion...pulled into the parking lot at the exact time of my appointment. That night when Alex returned from Islands of Adventure with his band mates, he hugged me and thanked me for going. I am so grateful that I could support him and his school. My God is so good. Full disclosure, Steve couldn't go because he had a BSA commitment, Meghan house sat for us, so I had to represent! Stay Crazy, make your adventures happen, whether close to home or far away!

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Roxanne Chilson
Roxanne Chilson
Dec 12, 2021

I loved having the opportunity to do my part to take care of you during this storm season of your life's journey. And watching Alex and Gators march was the icing on the cake to a beautiful day.

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