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Being Mom

Today, I stand on the precipice of new adventures, endings and beginnings - mine and my kids'. When I was 17, doctors told me that it would be very difficult for me to conceive. When we were blessed with Meghan 6 years later, I thought the doctors were sorely mistaken! We were going to have a brood of children. The doctors were right, but God had bigger plans. He filled my heart and home with so many loves. Some here for a season, some actively a part of our lives to this day. When Meghan was 12, I found out we were expecting - the overwhelming joy I felt cannot be expressed. That pregnancy did not last, we have an angel in heaven, but that angel cleared the way for Alex. When Meghan was 13, she stepped into the operating room with us and was the 1st person to see our baby boy delivered by c-section (we didnt know what we were having). This week that 13 year old steps into the operating room as an RN.

That baby boy? I just made his last school lunch. Today is the last full day of his high school classes. After 31 years of drop offs, pick ups, breakfasts, lunches, school projects, school events, scouts, band, taekwondo, gymnastics...I'm exhausted and sad.

Over the years, I have worked, gotten my pilots license, divorced, remarried (same lucky guy 🤣), taken college classes, started my own business making candles and become a vendor at events, became a black belt x2, taught kickboxing and taekwondo, traveled to 49 states and 2 countries by car, cared for numerous animals (chickens, tortoise, horse, dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, snails, and boarlets), and battled pancreatic cancer. My kids have had many adventures with and without me, at the expense of our bank account, sleep, and sanity. I wouldn't change a thing! Being a mom is my favorite (coffee, travel, and candles tie for 2nd).

I'll always be mom, but I'm not sure what that looks like in a few months. I usually plan my life around school days, and scout trips, and competitions. This is new territory for me. For the 1st time, I don't know what life looks like after September. When that one thing you wanted your whole life changes, it's scary and exciting.

Only God knows what the future holds, but if you know me, you know I'm jumping in head first. What are you starting? What new adventures are waiting for you?

Be blessed, be a blessing, and Bee 🐝 Crazy!

Sandee 🌻

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