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Biopsy - ✅ Now What?

Wow. Yesterday was a bit more intense than I expected; however, let me tell you how awesome my God is! After getting all hooked up to the heart monitor and IV, talking with the anaesthesiologist, and a nurse, the computer system goes down. Everyone is hanging out, waiting (this is the theme of my story, I think), and this nurse pops over to my bedside and says "Hi, Sandee". One look in her eyes and I knew who it was. That moment when I was starting to get ahead of myself, feeling emotional, wondering what's next, feeling alone, Kimberly, who has been friend's with Meghan since pre-school at Toddler Tech, shows up. Can I tell you how much peace enveloped me? It's as if God said, "here" and dropped a loving gift at my side. We have stayed in touch through Facebook (it really is a good tool for connecting with people). We know her parents, her siblings. Kimberly is special. Always has been. And at that moment peace just enveloped me.

Yes, He says walk by faith, not by sight, but sometimes, sometimes you want a sign. A token. A gift that says your faith is validated. When I sent a picture of us to Meghan, it was God's hug to her. Because I'm her mom. Because she too was worried and sad that I was alone. Then I sent the picture to Dyanne who said she had just been praying for His peace to surround me. So, Kimberly wasn't just a gift to me, she was the tool God used to bring peace to my loved ones. The best part is she told me she would be in during the procedure, she was going to be with me every step of the way. My guardian angel in the room, as my eyes closed when the anesthesia kicked in.

Awkward. Blood pressure cuff on left arm. IV drip in right hand. Now, lay on your left side. Huh? What do I do with my arm? Open your mouth so we can put this round thing to hold your jaw open. Awesome. Great. Where is that cocktail? 100. 99. 98. 97...and just like that it was lights out! Thank goodness. When I woke up, there was a ton of pain in my abdomen - apparently from the air they pushed through - yikes, wasn't expecting that. There should be a pamphlet - what to expect when you're endoscoping. Kimberly came and said goodbye. Another nurse gave me something to ease the abdominal pains. Steve was called and told 30 minutes to pick up. I put clothes on. Was wheeled downstairs to my waiting family and home we went.

Nausea ✔. Sore throat - eh, it wasn't too bad, but the left side of my neck is very sore to touch. Abdominal pain - yeah, all that stuff needed to work it's way out. Couple of Advil, couple of Tums. I ate, I slept, and by 6pm, when our angel, Jen - another friend of Meghan's, and I'm claiming her too, arrived with Chili's - chicken, salad, rice...I was ready for dinner. Blessed doesn't even touch it. She also sent an edible arrangement filled with chocolate covered everything. Steve tried to say it was for him, luckily we can read. Do we have support? Absolutely. Do we feel the prayers? 100%. To say I am grateful, would not begin to describe how thankful I am for such an amazing group of women who have enveloped me and my family.

Dr. Ribeiro seemed very optimistic about the outcome of the pathology. 3-7 days of...yep, waiting. He thinks it's something we will monitor, and that surgery is not immediately necessary. At my age, eventually, like maybe next year, not necessarily this year. So, we wait to see what the reports say, and we will go from there. Covet your prayers. Thankful for each of you who have lifted us up in your thoughts and prayers.

In the meantime, I am packing the car in just a minute, and heading out with Alex. Shenandoah Valley National Park, here we come. Because, well, life is short. Adventure awaits. Not all who wander are lost - and I am definitely NOT lost.

Be Blessed and Be A Blessing. Crazy Lady


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You ARE crazy! Who goes on a road trip right after exploratory surgery??? 🤦🏽‍♀️ You crack me up. Rock on, my dear. God is smiling.

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