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Camper Van Adventures

Boy, I thought it might be tough to find what I want, i.e., something to sleep in, pee in, and stand up in. But, there's a pandemic still, and with countries and borders closed all over the world, everybody wants to see this amazing beautiful country! Steve said yesterday, "I had no idea it would be this hard." This is not a mission for the weary. We (me, Steve, Alex) are looking daily in RVTrader, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, For Sale Buy Owner...if you can list it there, we see it. We've looked at a few in person. One I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted - Roadtrek 170 (2001), I could get a loan, but not for that year (has to be 10 years or less). Did I mention it had 57,000 miles? SERIOUSLY. They sold it 4 days after we saw it last week. We drove 2 hours to see it.

Yesterday, the 3 of us went to the RV Show in West Palm Beach. No RV Dealers are open on Sunday on the East Coast of Florida. We then sat in Miami for over an hour to see a camper van that had a great engine, but 1 bed (I need 2), and they wanted way too much, and the A/C didn't work. HELLO, that is a HARD line for this girl!

I keep telling God, I am NOT driving my Accord to Alaska. Then I say, PLEASE don't bring it to that. I have been travelling across this country by myself for 25 years, I've earned a bed and a potty. I've earned the right to NOT have to set a tent up in the dark, in the rain, in 36 degree temps, just to break down the tent in the morning and pack a muddy, dirty tent into my car. I have climbed out of my tent and gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night, in many temps, in the rain, and then crawled back into my sleeping quarters damp. I am a trooper. I have done this with children. I have done this while laughing, smiling, peeing on rocks, tripping over sticks. I have driven a hundred miles looking for somewhere to sleep. Seriously, I've paid my dues, I have earned this.

And, so, we look. I smile. I tell Alex that the right one for us will come. We will know it, and we will be ready. It will be right. God has something better in store for us.

Either way, the planning for Alaska continues. Waiting for God's perfect timing in ALL things. But, I am owning this, claiming this. So, if you know anyone with a Roadtrek for sale, send them my way - Crazy Lady


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I will pray for the right RV!

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