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Candles and so much more...

Good morning! Our 2nd Open House is in the books! Grateful and blessed to each and everyone that took time out of their day to stop by!

The future looks bright, but more importantly, the feeling of community, the reconnecting, and the love continues to amaze me.

When the concept for this business began last year, I never imagined what God was going to do. I never imagined what artistry was within me. It's as if I broke out of a cage, out of the box in my head. This is who I am. This is me. Never growing up was I the artist or creative child. Never in my previous adult life was I confident enough to take this sort of chance. To risk rejection, to risk failure, or ridicule.

A friend told me I would find more clarity after cancer. He told me that although I've always grabbed life with both hands, that this would change me. It's as if, when I physically recovered from my surgery (which took longer than expected), I shed the shit, shook off all the nonsense, and allowed myself to become. Become ME. Become stronger - mentally. Become confident. Embrace my creativity with such clarity.

When I get in the kitchen, and start blending and melting, I am consumed. My sense of smell, which was affected by Covid in December '21, is focused, defined, and clear.

Thank you for sharing this journey, for encouraging me, and for helping me to become me - Sandee, Candle Maker, business owner!

Burn brightly, live your adventure!

Your 🤪 Crazy Lady

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