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Candles, Band, and Open House

Wow, since we came home from Alaska, it's been non stop! School started the next day - Senior Year - insert daily tears being shed by me, marching band started - fundraising, being involved with the band board and props, working at the Panthers arena for band booster, football games, and Saturday we had our 1st competition.

Then throw in the fact that I LOVE my candle business so much, love the creative and artistic aspects, along with the science behind creating scents that appeal to others. Did you know if you add a wood scent to a citrus scent it enhances the citrus smell? Discovering things like this excites me and drives me to make candles that are appealing, relatable, and not your average candle! Someone once asked me to make a vanilla scent. I declined explaining that my candles are life inspired and travel inspired. The challenge of creating a scent that smells like a memory, the thrill of combining scents that make people say "YES", I want THIS, and the joy of making unique scents and watching people smell them in awe - CLA Candles is about all of that, and so much more!

Now, if someone throws me a challenge - say Patchouli, and it's a scent that I enjoy, and a scent that I don't mind spending time with my face in, then I'm all for it - especially if they say "make it your own". Or, the baby shower candles I just finished - 57 - 5.5 oz honey/vanilla candles. It's not just throwing the scents together, it's getting the right combination of scents for the wax that I use, so that the scent is perfectly blended.

Anyway, it's October, which means Oktoberfest, fall scents, pumpkin goodness, apple harvest, and all the wonderful scents this season invokes. Do you have a favorite smell? Keep in mind, I'm always thinking outside the box. Coming up with the same scents as Yankee Candle, or B & BW doesn't interest me. My scents are unique, creative, and based on my experiences. I only use high quality waxes (soy and bees ONLY), that are made in the USA, reusable products, and the cleanest oils. There are no dyes (unless natural coloring from something natural I put in the wax, i.e. coffee grounds add a creamy color), no phthalates, no zinc, and the wicks are either 100% wood, 100% cotton, or 100% hemp. Most of my wicks are wood because I am partial to them.

Oops, I almost forgot, the picture at the top is of the candles I made IN Alaska. They are available in person ONLY. Chena River Chai, credit to Gary O'Sullivan for coming up with the name in January. Finally made it happen.

Hope you'll stop by, smell what we've been up to, check out our new candles, and say Hi!

Happy Fall Ya'll ! Keep Burning - Crazy Lady

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