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Christmas in JULY!

Good morning, all my crazy friends! We who live in South Florida know hot, so to counter the heat, we are going to celebrate Christmas in July with a themed Open House. July 15th from 4pm - 7pm, and July 16th from 2pm - 6pm. Every adult gets a chance at our free raffle, bring a friend, you get an extra entry!!! We'll drop the ac, put up a tree, and pretend these candles wouldn't melt in a second outside!

We've been working on a few fragrances (can you say Chocolate Covered Candy Cane?) to get you in the holiday spirit. Stop by, say hi, smell our new scents, check out what's been going on, and maybe buy a few gifts (you can never get too early of a jump on your holiday shopping). Also, we still have some of our summer scents available (while supplies last).

All of our candles are made in reusable products. All candles and wax melts are clean, no pthalates, no zinc, no dyes, cotton or wood wicks, and all hand poured by this Crazy Lady! I make my own mix of soy and bees wax. No artificial waxes or additives.

We will help you create a scent that is perfect for your special event, party, wedding, etc. We made 95 tealights for Western High School's Band Banquet, and are in the process of creating for 2 other events, and 1 restaurant (can't share because they are special requests - pictures once they've been distributed). I have found so much passion in creating, and would love to help you celebrate!

Alex and I are heading out in Natasha July 19th on our most adventurous adventure yet! ALASKA 2023!!! We will be stopping to see family along the way. If you are interested in us bringing you candles, text or email me (we already have a couple orders being hand delivered)!

There will be no Open House in August, but we will resume in September with some special Fall scents that are already in the works!

Hope to see you next weekend - if for no other reason than to bid us farewell on our Road Trip to Alaska!

Burn Brightly, live your adventure, and as always - stay crazy!

Crazy Lady 🎄


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