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CLA Candles is a thing!!!

Wow! Cannot begin to describe how awesome last weekend was with the support from my community/tribe! When Meghan and I discussed the possibility of this adventure last October, while in New Orleans, which I have to say was a life changing weekend for me, I never dreamt the reality of actually making and selling candles. Crazy right? As the dream unfolded, I prayed feverishly for direction in my life. I prayed that God would guide me to do what He has planned for my life - knowing there was more, but not knowing how that more looked. Then, we brainstormed with Camryn, Rory, and Wolf. In November, I opened my LLC, on a wing and a prayer.

Since November, there have been trials, errors, oopsies, but it has been so much fun learning and developing my brand. Every day brings a new opportunity to explore fragrances, candle containers, and themes. I love the process - of discovering a new way to blend, or a new candle holder to pour into (creamsicle), and researching all the time how to improve the quality of the wicks, the shipping (that was an expensive learning curve, but necessary), and the styles.

My sense of smell has always been very strong, and scents take us back to a moment, whether in a kitchen, the smell of someone's cologne, or just a moment in time that was memorable. This is what I'm doing, or trying to do - capture moments that were memorable to me, that were special in some way, that I can share with you, and that are maybe special to you also. Some of the candles are just fun fragrances that happen, but all of them are created in my kitchen with so much love!!!

On April 1, from Kim and Barry's couch, not really having a clue what I was doing, we took the website LIVE, with Roxanne on the phone, and Meghan cheering me on from the other couch! Rory sat across from me and placed the 1st online order, which caused an entire thing, because I had no idea my domain could take payments yet, and had no idea where the money went. By the time we got home, there were 5 orders, and I had no access to the money - that was quite the adventure, because I had to set up a business account (which I'd been putting off), and it took about 2 weeks to get the money. The great news is, we got orders, we filled them, I screwed up some of the shipping (broken pieces arriving), resent them, and have been figuring it out!

But before we even went live, people from work placed orders, and the 1st one went to Janet, who gave me permission to post her picture! I felt like I was handing over my first born child. It was such a high, and scary (what if it doesn't work, what if it smells bad, what if it doesn't smell), you can make yourself crazy. After all the research, trials and errors, there comes a point you have to pray hard and let it go. Thank you, Janet, for taking a chance on me, for all the sharing you do about my crazy candles, and for giving me the courage I needed to take that next step!

The next step being the Launch Party - exhausting and exhilarating. The turnout was so much more than I expected, the weekend was truly humbling! The support from my family was everything. Kim had surgery the day before and was insistent on being there for day 1 - pain meds and all. Alex helped get the house in order, helped label, and organize. Steve got the sliding door in. The kids all came (even Milaina). I am grateful for each person who showed up and took a chance on me and Crazy Lady Adventures Candles, thank you, from the bottom of my wick!

Keep burning brightly, lots of adventures and candles planned over the next few months!

In light and love, Crazy Lady!

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