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Crazy in Iowa!

Our 1st part of our journey ended in Chicago at our cousins, Dyanne and Tom's. We cannot thank everyone enough for feeding us, entertaining us, praying over us, and loving on us. We headed out a little late, went to Walmart to stock up on essentials, and two hours later were on the road (it was 1pm)...yeah, Dyanne and I were talking, time got away - and that's okay! After driving for about 2 hrs I pulled into a rest stop, took a nap, then got going again.

When we got going, again, my GPS detoured us off I90 to Route 20. Turns out there was a semi burning and 4 other cars involved. Love how God slowed us down, and put us way behind that accident. Route 20 was quaint, sometimes like a highway, sometimes like a small town road. We didn't get as far, and we were detoured off our original plan, but we found a very inexpensive place to camp in Waterloo, IA.

We made dinner over an open fire, roasted marshmallows, and have really enjoyed the ease of camping in a van!!!

Determined and blessed, CrazyLady!


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