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Everglades National Park (my home park)

Yesterday, January 9, 2021, Alex and I drove down to Everglades National Park to spot alligators, and just get away after a long day at work. Packed a picnic basket and flashlights and off we went = not expecting much. This would turn into an amazing evening, and one of my favorite new memories.

  1. We got to the 1st stop in the park, Royal Palm, and were the only ones there at 7:00pm. There was no moon, and the water was really high. It was about 58 degrees, and clear skies. We kept shutting off the flashlights (after making sure there were no gators near us) to look at the sky.

  2. A family with 3 rambunctious little boys ages 1 and 3 came after us while we were already down the trail. We ended up talking with them toward the end of the trail, and I had one of the best conversations with strangers that I've had in ages. Standing out there in the Everglades, kids with flashlights, no moon, stars everywhere, in the middle of a pandemic, our conversation brought me to tears. They travel the country, showing their kids as much as they can. Had been touring Florida for 3 months, 3 more months to tour up the East Coast of US. He was former military, prosthetic leg, and said it was an honor to serve our country and how much he loves our country in spite of all the nonsense going on. We shared a couple travel stories, he told me I was a badass. The babies were adorable and for some reason enamored with me. Mom and I shared our favorite states, then I thanked him for his service and we went our separate ways. I will never forget them, and how cool they are, and the wonderful moments under the stars we shared.

  3. Alex and I then drove about 19 miles into the park to Nine Mile Pond, where we shut all the lights off, got out of the car, and gazed at the insane amount of stars! Such a beautiful night. We ate a picnic dinner in the car and then after many pictures of the night sky (mine mostly of Orion) we headed home.

Adventures can be around the corner or around the globe. But, I encourage you to venture out, explore. Sometimes adventures find me, normally I go looking for them. Make memories. Work to live, don't live to work. Occasionally, you just need to let your crazy out, and if you do, drop me a line, maybe our paths will cross!

Sandee 🚙


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