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Let me start by saying Alex and I really ventured or adventured on our Road Trip 2022! We did a lot of our own food, with some great adventures thrown in the mix.

We had ice cream at The Painted Desert Inn, cooked lunch at a gas station (as seen above) from the old days of Route 66. We had burgers at the Midpoint Cafe (best black bean burger EVER)! We ordered Red Robin when we were at the campground by Cadillac Ranch, and in Santa Fe at our campground there were table and chairs at all the sites, so we had a beautiful elevated view and ate dinner and breakfast outside! We also were so pooped one night we only had lunch meat, cheese, and crackers.

When we were in Needles, CA I had vowed I would make pancakes when we reached our 8th and final Route 66 state, and so I did!

We had corned beef hash a couple of times, with eggs and toast. There was coffee ☕️ EVERY day, sometimes more than once.

We found a great coffee shop in a little town called Claremore, OK - She Brews. Not only was it great coffee, but the story behind the coffee shop, the lady working who shared her story with me, and just how awesome our God is made this stop a 10!

Oh, can't forget that when in Cali, you've gotta grab your In N Out burger, which never disappoints.

We tried to be a bit more creative with our cooking, I even froze some meals from home that we only had to heat up. This came in handy on some of those too exhausted to cook nights! Some of you might be wondering what's creative about frozen leftovers, but it's easy to get into the habit of eating the same things trip after trip, so I constantly try to explore other food options!

Then as we headed home on I10, we swung down into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for a late lunch. We had our passports just in case, and come on, it's a pretty cool story to tell! We found this very nice restaurant Borrega's and had the best food!!! Alex even got to leave with 11 maize tortillas - which made for great wraps the next day! And I have NEVER had flan that good!!!!! The salsa verde had a kick, but oh so much flavor!

And, for our final hoorah on our final night, we drove into New Orleans for dinner! We sat by the sidewalk, listened to live music at Jackson Square - had blackened alligator, a delicious meal, and mama - a well earned old fashioned!

Cooking gives me the feeling of being home - even in Natasha. Going out is a nice treat no matter where we are adventuring. And, it's always fun eating local foods and drinking local beverages! The table brings people together, gives you a shared experience, and it doesn't matter the size or shape, or the cost of the meal!

Cheers! CrazyLady 🌻

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I love how you shared how different food choices gave you different “feelings” on your trip. The security of feeling grounded and “at home” by cooking in Natasha and enjoying pre-prepared food, as well as supporting your feeling of adventure by trying new foods in new places… in new countries! Thanks for giving us examples of hie to enjoy the road!

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