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God's Plan for Me

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

This post was supposed to be about another one of my adventures, or how I'm planning my trip to Alaska this summer (yes, by car), or maybe even the 4.5 days I have off at the end of March and having figured out what wild adventure we might embark on. (We are going to Shenandoah Valley). Well, God had other plans. So, do I write about this adventure, keep it to myself, pretend nothing else is going on?

My cousin-in-law, Dyanne, my great prayer warrior and friend, told me to "start journaling everything you feel. God will be glorified in all this." I'm not good at journaling. I haven't wanted to share. So, at 4am this morning when I couldn't sleep, I started thinking that maybe this is the best way for me to sort it out, share what I'm experiencing, and give God the glory, because through Him all things are possible.

Two years ago, there was a CT scan that showed a thing. A little thing. Too small to do anything about. Last year, a pandemic hit, no follow up. Three weeks ago, pink eye happened, and was persistent, and would NOT leave. Dr. said, hey, need to get that follow up CT scan. She sent the script, I made it for Thursday, February 25. Friday, she called and said there's a thing we need to pursue. She sent a script that said Lung Mass. Let the freak out commence. Scheduled CT scan for Friday, March 5. Let the praying without ceasing commence. The tears - lots. Meghan's Wolf, makes a phone call to his brother, Domingo, says he's affiliated with a company that does diagnostic testing.

Monday, March 1, Wolf says I can go to Coral Gables for the CT scan with contrast. I'm at the dentist getting a crown, all princesses need one, and I need normal. Domingo says he can get me in at 2:30, but I can't eat for 4 hours. Well, God's hands were in this because I'm at the dentist and haven't eaten since Sunday night. Here we go.

The CT scan came in 30 minutes later, lungs are great, but I have a 2.1 cm lesion on my pancreas. I am very proactive; therefore, Tuesday morning, March 2, when my primary says I have to have a CT of my abdomen and pelvis, I call Domingo, he squeezes me in. Meghan and I have 50 minutes to get from Davie to Coral Gables - piece of cake - Crazy Lady here.

CT scan confirms 2.1 cm mass on pancreas, most other organs are clear, so now my journey with a GI doctor begins - and I get in 2 days later with one.

I am required to get an endoscopic ultrasound and biopsy which is scheduled March 23. Surgery is in my future, but we need to know what we are dealing with first. Tomorrow, March 20, I go for a COVID-19 test at the hospital. God's plan, this adventure has begun.


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I am so proud of you, Sandee. Fabulous post. YOU GOT THIS. But, more important than that, God‘s “got“ you.


I love you! Here for you! You and God got this . 😘

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