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Grab your Sazerac and Let's Talk NOLA!

Can I tell you how much fun New Orleans is? How vibrant? How alive? It is a vibe unlike any other. The music, the food, the people - and yes, the drinks. This trip was about finding more of me. Exploring foods at places we've never been. Exploring drinks we've never had (well, or maybe needed to try again? For old time's sake), or should I maybe say in places we've never had them.

The thing is, Meghan loves this city as much as I do, and has explored with her fiancé, so was able to introduce me to some cool places on this trip - Sazerac House, Carousel Bar (so beautiful), and Ruby Slipper, though we passed because the wait was too long.

As much as I know about this city, there's so much I don't know. Every time I leave, I have a list of next trip stuff to do. But, I digress... sazerac, a rye whiskey drink, created in the fine city of New Orleans. It has bitters, sugar, and absinthe, quantities and styles vary by taste, but it is unique - just like the city. I tend to lean towards Old Fashioneds, yes, I have a penchant for whiskey, but I learned on this trip to appreciate the process of Sazerac and the blends.

A good Sazerac is just like us - we are all flavored differently - learning to love ourselves, love the process of becoming our most unique best selves, and learning what our perfect blend is, well, that's what life's all about.

Every trip, like every drink, is different - in color, in taste, smokiness, sweetness...I find the more I let myself enjoy the process of becoming, the more I truly become my best self. So, I'm a little sweet, a little smoky, colorful, and expressive - and I'm exactly who God created me to be, just getting better at it - like a finely aged whiskey!

So grab your favorite drink, take some time to reflect, and enjoy your uniqueness!

Cheers, sunshine, and whiskey kisses! 🥃


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