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Hail Mary. My Safeway Angel. Faith.

Today Steve called while we were in Safeway, and I had just come out of the restroom and was looking for Alex. He says, "your passport came". I start laughing, and crying, and said I'd text him where to send them - I always have a plan, and I had faith it would come in today, so of course I had pre-screenshot where to send them.

Alone by an empty register, tears rolling down my face, 2 ladies walk by, look my way, then come back and ask if I'm okay. I tell them yes, it's good news, and thank them. They walk away, then the older lady starts walking back, and says "I'm invested, what's the good news?" I laugh through my tears and give a quick breakdown of what's happening, and how awesome God is. She says He is, asks my name, puts her arm around me, and in the middle of Safeway prays for our journey, that the border will welcome us, and that God would bring healing into my body. You see, He sent me a missionary, who believes church is the people, not the building, and that God can do cool stuff right there in Safeway.

My angel. I do not know her name, she may have told it to me, but I was in such a state of awe. You see, I know what God can do, I just don't often think I'm worthy for His time and efforts. But I am. We all are. I told Alex on Friday when we talked about our plan, that we could wait until Monday for the passports, but that was the limit. I also told Him, I believed God lead us on this journey and that He's in control of whatever is in store.

When I found Alex and told him, he laughed. I said, "God always makes me wait to the last minute." My Angel came by, wished us safe travels, hugged me again, and so, we have shopped for the journey, we are getting Covid tests tomorrow. Our paperwork is in order. We will pick up our FedEx around 2:30. This journey is just beginning!


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David Pounds
David Pounds
Jul 26, 2021

That place is absolutely beautiful.


Roxanne Chilson
Roxanne Chilson
Jul 13, 2021

Beautiful picture, beautiful journey, beautiful people....Memories priceless

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