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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

This past month, we were able to take a couple short adventures. The week before Christmas, I told Steve that Alex and I were going to Disney Springs. Disney always puts me in a Christmas spirit, and down here, to this Pennsylvania girl, it's sometimes hard to do. The heat just grates on me. This past year, I have become more nostalgic, longing for family, for a feeling of home. 3 months recovering at home was not easy. A month of working part time to build myself up physically. I needed smiles and to get into some holiday spirit!

The night before, with no plan, Steve found a campground- Lake Griffin State Park, and 1 space, and said he was going too! After work, we left with Alex driving Natasha for 4 straight hours. We found this Mexican restaurant, LA Palma in Leesburg, had a fantastic dinner, and amazing service. We wound up with the most beautiful campsite! Under a huge oak 🌳, behind us was a swampy area, it was perfect! This was Steve's 1st time camping in Natasha. We had a great time! Got up the next day, ate leftovers for breakfast, went to Disney Springs and it was packed! We walked forever, took the ferry to Port Orleans, and got gluten free beignets! They were perfect. Took the ferry back, did a little shopping - Savannah 🐝 Company is one of my favorite places. Got to see Ashley and pick up some Christmas gifts I had made. With a full heart we came home, definitely in more of a Christmas spirit. Friday, December 31, Alex and I were tired of being Covid cooped up, feeling better, we went for a long drive in Natasha. Up to Lake Okeechobee, through Clewiston, over to Big Cypress then home. No contact with humans, just wide open spaces. Sometimes you need to see nothing, or be in the middle of nothing. You need open spaces. I need green, and rocks, and water. It helps me breathe. Makes me feel closer to God. Helps me clear my head. When things overwhelm me, or there is too much chaos around me, I run away. What do you do when you need to escape? What helps you breathe? Be blessed and be a blessing, and make this year your best one yet! Here's to crazy, to adventures, and to an awesome 2022! Your CrazyLady...who is planning a colder adventure!!! Stay tuned...😉


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