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Hiking The Pinnacles in Kentucky

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Alex and I departed Davie 5pm on June 30th. The plan was to visit Roxanne, and put 5 hrs of Florida behind us. There was so much rain and so much traffic and so many accidents, that it took 7 hours to reach her. On a brighter note, Natasha ran great! Steve put new tires on her Wednesday morning, finished installing the back up camera 📷 and we were off. That first night sleeping was great, and since Roxanne lives in the country we didn't use curtains.

The morning of the 1st we left at 9am to head to my parents in North Georgia. What should have been an easy 7 hour drive took nearly 10 hours. Again, rain most of the way, tons of major accidents, too, and detours off our path. Natasha held strong! We made it to Cherrise's new house, and were so glad to visit with her and get the tour! Sisters are a blessing, and I am truly blessed! Then off to mom's where we ate dinner at about 9pm - it's vacation and there is definitely no schedule! What a great visit, we slept in our little home, and I put the curtains up, but realized they don't work so great with Alex's bed right up against them. Will fix that in a couple days! Left my parents around 9:30, with an ETA in Kentucky at my bestest's house around 3.

I'll give you 1 guess how the roads were...we arrived at 5pm! Again, deep breathing and accepting that this is all part of the journey. After a great evening visiting, we got up this morning, had coffee outside in the 50 degree weather (did I forget to mention how beautiful Kentucky is?). The weather has been great, the rolling hills are so pretty and nothing beats the great company! We went to First Watch for brunch around 11, then at 2pm hit the trails and went for a hike. The trail we chose was rated a 1. Ummm, sure, I'm game for anything! When we almost reached the top, we were climbing up a tough spot and my knee went POP. Greg was behind me and heard it. Pain was immediate. Plopped down on the roots. Worked out the worst of it. Continued the climb, and you know the song "got by with a little help from my friends?" Well, that's what did it. Coming down was tough, lots of "Lean on Me" moments, God bless Terista and Greg and Alex for their hands, shoulders and patience! Once the adrenaline wore off, the pain kicked in. Slept all the way home. Praying for relief tonight and that it isn't anything crazy, but man, the view from the top was worth it! This is a beautiful country, and I am one grateful CrazyLady!


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Roxanne Chilson
Roxanne Chilson
Jul 03, 2021

#Sandeestrong. You Got This!!

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