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Me and Natasha

After hospital time, doctors appointments, too much TV, and still being physically limited, I decided to take Natasha Wednesday for a night by myself. Sometimes we just need to worry about no one other than ourselves.

Nothing strenuous, nothing crazy. Well, some of my beloveds think camping alone in the Everglades is crazy, but nah, it was all good.

Before getting to the park, the mandatory milkshake from none other than Robert Is Here was purchased. Then, I drove down to Everglades National Park and did one walk that I was quite proud of - many stops to breathe were required, but that was okay. Whenever I need a break, I've found taking photos to be therapeutic and a good intermission! Got down to the campground around 4, rested for a bit after plugging Natasha in, then sat outside enjoying a beautiful sunset! There was a breeze, the mosquitoes didn't get bad until after I ate dinner, it was peaceful, serene.

This is the 1st time I've ever camped alone. I always have kids, or my son, or even people. I did what I wanted, how I wanted, when I wanted, and it was liberating! I was not afraid, and slept fairly well considering I still have pain that makes peaceful sleeping difficult.

In the morning it was hot and humid outside, but made coffee, and enjoyed the quiet - the campground only had about 8-10 other campers. This is a place I've stayed in before, kind of my home National Park, so even though my health is not where I would like it to be, I was comfortable.

There will most definitely be more solo camping - it is invigorating, and I highly recommend. But, also, not to be discounted, sharing amazing old and new places with loved ones is fun, and makes my heart soar!

Be crazy, explore, travel - alone or with others, this country is so diverse and beautiful!

SUMMER 2022 - Route 66, Chicago to LA, planning has begun!

Filled with gratitude and love! CrazyLady

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