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Mishaps of Route 66

Whenever I leave on an adventure I know something is going to go awry. I mean, it's inevitable. You can't drive over 7,000 miles and not expect a mishap or two. When we travel, we always pray and read scripture, and try to allow the day to unfold as it is meant to without too much ridgid structure on my part. I have found that the less I "plan" the more adventure we find.

Night 5, we were hooking up after having left Simone's in Indiana, traveled to Chicago, gone to the "Bean", found the beginning of Route 66, and begun our journey - Alex says "mom, come out here, you have to see this". Somehow, a rock kicked up, hit the window, put a hole in it (although nothing was ever found inside) and the bottom half shattered. Alex is quite handy and smart, decides to duct tape the entire bottom half - and I'll have you know, it held the ENTIRE trip. I was upset, but also, was in my head like "okay, if this is the worst, we're good" because mishaps are inevitable.

When I told Steve, he said "you know they don't make those?" Yep, I know...see the Roadtrek name was sold years ago, but replacement parts were not. But, this awesome guy, Jack Wood, designed parts to help fellow Roadtrekkers out...BTW, by the time we got home, the piece was there. Jack offered to fix it, if I could drive to Utah, but that wasn't really on this trip's agenda.

A few days later, Alex and I were on a pretty normal road on Route 66 (ifykyk), and a rock kicked up and put a starburst crack in the windshield. Passenger side, did not spread. When I told Steve the next day, he said "you've got to be shitting me"...nope.

Please note the duct taped cabinet (my cabinet). The hinge caused the glue to come loose and separate - again Alex and duct tape to the rescue!

When we were home, 6 days later, I was on my lunch break, Steve, Alex, and I were talking, and Steve says "so, when'd you lose the hubcap?" Wait, "what hubcap", I say. He says, "the one not on the wheel"...ummmm. Well, Alex and I go through our pictures and narrow it down to somewhere between July 27 and August 1st. Steve asks where we were at that time. I look at Alex, and as it dawns on us where we probably lost the hubcap, we smile, look at Steve and I say "someday, I'll tell you more, but it's probably too soon, so not today."

And thus, our adventure unfolds - one story at a time.

Grateful, blessed, and a little bit crazy!

Stay adventurous, my friends! CrazyLady 🌻

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Excellent cliffhanger! I can’t wait to find out where you lost the hubcap.

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