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Monday, before the good news!

We didn't just sit around and wait, you have to enjoy the process, the journey, every moment matters. The down moments are restorative, the up moments fill your spirit!

We went to Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. We saw NO Wildlife, however, we saw some gorgeous, beautiful views! We drove about 5 miles on a dirt road to get there and drive 4.5 miles through the refuge - on a dirt road. There is just something about a dirt road that speaks to my soul.

So, I'm sitting here, processing the day, thankful for a campground that allowed me to rest and restore my spirit - I was pretty wiped. Thankful for friends and family who encourage and support us on this journey, especially, Steve. We wouldn't be in this position without my husband who supports my crazy dreams. Chickens ✔ camper van✔ trip to Alaska ✔✔✔

Have a beautiful, crazy day, CrazyLady!


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