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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

NOLA. The city of my heart. Not sure if it's the flavors - of the food, the drinks, the people, or maybe it's the splash of color everywhere - buildings, beads, bands, or maybe it's just the welcoming spirit of the local people. Every time, every single time, I go to New Orleans, I leave a piece of myself, and find a piece of myself.

Walking the streets, listening to live music everywhere, sampling foods from places we've never tried, drinking our favorite drinks - Bar Tonique, Ramos Gin Fizz (I know, right, I'm not

a Gin drinker), it's the freedom to be me. No one cares who I am, although the Uber drivers love me, and the couple outside of SnoLa (snow cone cheesecake - it's a thing), and maybe even that great couple from the UK at the parade, who were just awesome, I really do think they liked me. But, I'm free to just get lost - in a cemetery, by a coffee shop, sipping Cafe au lait and walking around tombstones - a little bit crazy, but just ME!

We wore our beads proudly (didn't get many, but it was soooo fun), into Tacos and Beer for...tacos and beer by our hotel after the parade. Pretty sure we were the only tourists in the place, one cared! Best street tacos ever, BTW!

The thing is, I'm convinced that like me, New Orleans is misunderstood. There is more to the city than Bourbon Street, misguided youth, and alcohol. There is character, history, beauty, architecture, flavor... and I'm enjoying getting to know it better with every trip.

So cheers, to Ramos, and tacos, and beads, and quality time with Meghan. Never stop making memories, exploring, and adventuring.

WIshing you sunshine and whiskey kisses! 🌻


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