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Next step PET Scan

Hi. It's already been a week. 4 days ago I got my 2nd vaccine shot, 2 days ago I gave 8 - EIGHT - tubes of blood to Quest Diagnostics, and right now I am sitting in a tiny room, in a recliner, with nuclear medicine coursing through my veins. I am trying not to stress the process. Trying not to freak out. I am claustrophobic. I fight my fears, by embracing them. God is going to see me through to the other side of this scan. Some things we can go around, but some things we must go through in order to see the blessings or lessons God has in store for us. This is a go through kind of thing. About 20 more minutes til I begin my journey through. We (me and God) got this.

It's PET scan day. This was supposed to happen yesterday, but it was rescheduled for today. So I adjusted, switched my eye Dr appointment from today to yesterday, left work early today, adapted. I find with all these appointments, there is a lot of adapting, a lot of flexibility is required. I'm more or less going with the flow, but praying , A LOT. I truly believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking. Today's prayer is that there is no other cancer. 1 NET, that's it. Just the one on my pancreas. Because, if there is no cancer anywhere else, this girl is leaving July 1st and taking Alex to ALASKA!

We are still searching for a camper van, I am in love with the one we saw last Thursday. But that is not going to decide if we go to Alaska. Dr.Merchant will decide that!

So, prayers up! We want surgery AFTER Alaska!

Thanks for journeying with me. Be a blessing and be blessed.

Crazy Lady


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Roxanne Chilson
Roxanne Chilson
Apr 30, 2021

Love the attitude you have. I know how strong of a women you are and absolutely positive that you have what it takes to go through with God by your side. My thoughts are always with you.

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