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Off to Auntie Dyanne's

We didn't really do anything in Minnesota except drive. There was a system, kind of like a tropical storm, but I was unaware that I was in it. Sometimes, oblivion is bliss! We were headed to Wisconsin when I realized that Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet was on our way (I think it was on our way, I may have altered course, not really sure)...cheese is one of our favorite things, and Alex and I had stopped here on our way from North Dakota a few years ago. We got out in the pouring rain, and Ehlenbach's did not disappoint. Because of COVID19 there were no samples, so we bought stuff for us, stuff for home, and stuff for Auntie Dyanne. By stuff I mean wine, cheese, cheese curds (one of our favorite styles of cheese), a mug, but only things made locally. When I travel now, I make sure to buy local, because what's the point of buying something in WI if it comes from a farm in PA? Anyway, great shop, fantastic cheeses, wonderful selection of local items.

We left there around 3ish and drove to Dyanne and Tom's outside of Chicago. This was decided from the hotel in MN, this was not planned. In spite of the fact that they had COVID19 in March, in spite of the fact that they are both professors at Wheaton, and in spite of the fact that we had been traveling, they generously opened their home to us for the night. Dyanne's father had just passed, and I really wanted to see her face to face. She is my husband's cousin, and all the kids in the family call her Auntie Dyanne. She was also my professor at Broward College when I decided to go back to school in 2013. We have seen each other through many things, she is a beautiful soul and married a man who is brilliant, and kind, and beautiful just like her. (They eloped to Scotland - talk about an adventure!) Anyway, we socially distanced, slept in their gorgeous basement, relaxed, had a lovely meal, talked until the wee hours, then talked more in the morning. We were road weary when we got there, they made us feel right at home. To say my heart and soul were full when we left would be an understatement. Take the time, make the memories, detour - it is ALWAYS worth it.

Although the drive from MN through WI to Dyanne's was rough in a tropical system, when we woke up the next day it was beautiful.

Have a day after the storm kind of peaceful day, and thanks for adventuring with us.

PS - make the memories!

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Your company AND the cheese were amazing!

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