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Our Alaskan Road Trip.

Charlene let us take her car so we could drive down here to Anchorage. Bless her heart. Giving me a 🚗 in a place I've never explored is like letting a 3 year old loose in a 🍬 store! We took off and headed toward Denali Friday morning.

Before Denali, we found the Road Less Traveled Art Gallery, and Evelyn, one of the owners was there. If you are ever on Alaska 3, just North of Denali, I highly recommend stopping in. Their photography is beautiful and they feature items made in Alaska from all different crafts, i.e. honey, hot chocolate, soaps, etc. She was a wealth of information, they have an airbnb, offered to have us over for dinner next time we come. I left with her cellphone # and feeling like I made a friend. Alex said why do you always make friends? I explained that I do not strike up these conversations. To which he replied that they still happen, people talk to me all the time. My only response was I don't have a resting b face.

Onward to Denali we went. After visiting the gift shop, we took the park road - stunning, beautiful views, then decided on a not difficult hike (knee issue that occurred hiking in Kentucky). We walked down to Savage River. The purple wildflowers growing alongside the river were absolutely gorgeous! It was a pleasant, not too crazy walk. The only disappointment was we saw NO wildlife inside the park.

At one point on the drive to Anchorage I stopped to take a 10 minute nap. But, we got to Michie's at 9:45. Took our stuff up to his apartment then headed to dinner. We got to Moose's Tooth at10:30 and there was a 25 minute wait - and that pizza was worth it!!! GF crust was the best!!! So good, we thought they made a mistake!

After pizza we went to a park with a waterfall and then looked over a bay with mountains in the backdrop. Stunning views through this entire state. Such a constant sense of wow.

I'm so lucky, not only to be in Alaska, but to have family that can show us around!!!

Burning the mid ight sun, this CrazyLady is going to bed!


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