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Part 2: Misadventures of Operation Find Snow!

In the late afternoon, we found this family owned campground just outside of Scranton, PA - full hook ups, dumped, filled water tanks, $30. Beautiful mountainside in the Poconos. About an hour after leaving, maybe less, as I exited the ramp, to get on the ramp to the PA Turnpike, all systems stopped. Insert MISADVENTURES, part of the trip. Fortunately, I was able to pull onto the very narrow side of the ramp, where for hours we waited for assistance. Not only were we in an awkward spot, the lady at Good Sam was having difficulty finding a shop to fix Natasha. Technically, she's a Chevy 3500, but, she is also classified as an RV. They asked me to try to find somewhere, so I did - about 25 miles away. They then found someone to pick us up. I cannot describe the concern I felt as 18 wheelers were coming off the ramp around us (some missing us by no more than a foot). To say I had a strong desire to get a tow would be putting it mildly. Mom mode had taken over, we were preparing lunch, I was planning what to do if we had to stay in a hotel for a weekend, I was trying to maintain a cool and calm front, which, let's be real is not always easy, but when you're the only adult you suck it up! Yes, Alex is 15, my man/child, but still not grown, although he'd like to think so.

In my head I'm imagining an 18 wheeler hitting us, us flipping down the ravine into the river (which in reality may be a creek, and may be a little hill) but our minds take over. There was NOWHERE to go, we could only wait. When things go wrong for me, it's usually in a BIG way. God has allowed this to keep me grounded and capable of thinking on my feet. It has made me stronger, calmer, and I get way less frazzled. I never expect things to be perfect and always anticipate that something may happen, and ALWAYS know that I will get through it, period. There are tears on occasion, but I've usually earned them by being fierce, taking care of business, and taking care of those around me before I ever think about myself and the actual circumstance I'm in! (i.e. breakdown on Alligator Alley - 2X, getting hit by a deer outside Cody, MT, calipers and brake pads going out in Colorado Springs with 3 kids). I'm sure you get the picture.

Life is messy. Things happen - we learn and grow from every misadventure, well, at least I do. Do you? Think about the sticky situations you have found yourself in, how'd you get through? What did you learn? Did you let yourself feel defeated, or did you push yourself through?

I wear my misadventures like a badge of honor. They are my stepping stones to a stronger better warrior. This is how I can get on the road and say "where are we going today" "what adventure awaits" or "I'm going to try to get into another country". Yes, I push the envelope, and sometimes it pushes back - I'm not called CrazyLady for nothing! But, I wouldn't trade 1 experience, 1 misadventure for anything. They have made me who I am!!!

BRAYER'S AUTO SERVICE & TOWING! This gentleman, in a Brayer's work truck shows up and tells me he couldn't believe I was still there. I explained that difficilulties we had, he called his driver to pick us up, then asked if he could look under the hood. He was supposed to tow us 25 miles away. I said absolutely, told him I thought it was the alternator, my dad and husband had walked me us through the issues. After testing the alternator, battery, getting it to start, he says "can I have you towed to my shop, I think I can get you back on the road today?" Ummm, yes, yes, yes. These people were the kindest, most efficient, and best mechanics (other than my bro-in-law, Barry) ever! When we got to his shop 3 miles away the alternator was being delivered at the same time. Turned out, the man who stopped was the owner of the tow company and shop, he normally didn't bring tows to his shop but had told his wife we were coming because he thought he could help us. He then only charged us for the part - towing was covered by Good Sam. Some of my greatest misadventures have shown me the best side of humanity ❤️.

I am grateful - God is always with us, every step, every mile, and when those speed bumps come - because they will, I figure it out!

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