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Peace River - canoe and camp

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

So the big question is will Steve and I attempt to kill each other? Put 2 control freaks in a canoe, push them into alligator infested water, and see what happens.

Hold on, this should be fun! Let the

adventure begin!

We had a wonderful time. We ate great food, cooked over open fires, almost ran out of water, but didn't. Played games - thanks Ron for leading the kids in sack races, javelin tossing, and corn hole. We played cards - Alex Cika, best partner EVER! 😁 We napped, we relaxed, and I have a grateful heart for wonderful friends. Thank you, Stephene and Ron, for including us in this adventure!

In case anyone is wondering:

  1. No running water.

  2. We DID rent a port-a-potty, and the gentlemen, thanks Chris, decided that was for the ladies and young children (there was another one that was used by various groups, a bit of a walk away.

  3. You put all your stuff in a trailer and Canoe Outpost drives your trailer to your site, drops it off, while you canoe to your site. There is no driving in, which keeps it more rustic, but you have many comforts from home that you didn't have when you used to canoe all your stuff down the river.

  4. There is also no electricity and you are not allowed a gas powered generator. You are, however, allowed battery powered and solar powered generators and equipment.

  5. Ron and I debated over the fact that you don't need so much "stuff", and the big joke became him teasing that he was bringing his microwave next time! NOT! 😀

  6. And, yep, you guessed it, NO showers. The older kids played in the river, the rest of us cleaned up the best we could, but the weather was awesome (it did storm Saturday night, and there was a casualty - the big long tent 😥).

Stay tuned for the next CrazyLadyAdventure - Spring Break 2021 - where will we go?

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