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Planning Alaska

The further from home I travel, the more planning is required- especially with COVID-19 and the fact that I'll need to travel through another country to get there.

#1 I am fully vaccinated.

#2 Mailed off my Passport paperwork.

#3 Alex has his appointment for 1st vaccination shot.

#4 Alex's paperwork for passport is complete, just have to handle his in person this week.

1st stop will be somewhere near north Georgia.

2nd stop will be Lexington, KY.

3rd stop will be Chicago, IL

This is as much as I have planned. From here we will head west. We are planning to enter Canada through WA - the shortest access to Alaska.

I am praying HARD. As of today (5/23/21) the borders are closed until June 21. Through God all things are possible, and I truly believe that He will see us through to Alaska. This trip is 3 years in the making.

Follow your dreams. Pursue your passions. You have to live your life, because everyone's path is different. Is this how everybody wants to get to Alaska? Of course not. Is this the easiest way to get to Alaska? Absolutely NOT! Especially if you are in a car. But, this is MY dream. I have no idea what August holds for me - except a major surgery to remove the cancer. I have no idea what life after this surgery will be like. Therefore, I am going to pray, and appreciate, every moment between here and there.

5 weeks, 4 days and counting. Be blessed, and be a blessing - and don't just dream, make those dreams come true!

Crazy Lady with a plan (sort of)


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