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Planning Route 66 '22

For the past 2 months we have been really busy - living, working, planning. We haven't used Natasha since Canada because Steve has been working on her.

True confessions: we blew the ac/heat unit on our trip - oops. I mean, it was 20 years old, so I don't feel too bad. Since we have propane heat, we decided to just put in a/c, and it works GREAT!

Then, Steve, knowing the intense heat we will be facing on our trip, has been working to repair the generator. It has never worked because it was never used, or run regularly.

NOTE TO SELF: Run frequently - translates to TRAVEL MORE!!!! 😁

Turns out, right before we adopted Natasha her family replaced the fuel pump, but when the work was done the line wasn't reconnected to the generator. So, our new carburetor works, generator works when rigged to a gas can, so...tumbling down the rabbit hole.

Preparations continue for our 3 week trip:

A. Been squirrelling away food for months.

B. Freezing leftovers now to help reduce costs.

C. Nuts, snacks, mac and cheese...

D. Even things like Altoids - my must have.

E. Mapping - which includes must do', Mammoth Cave National Park, Gateway Arch, Cadillac Ranch (been there, but going prepared - iykyk), Joshua Tree National Park.

I do not over plan, much more a seat of my pants flyer, I do, however, love prepping, anticipating the adventure, wondering how this trip will change me (every trip does in some way), and anticipating the unknown - the things I don't know that we will discover. I love discovering new things that are unplanned, and always leave time and room for the unexpected!

4 weeks to go! Keep it crazy, find your happy, and don't just dream - get out there and make those dreams come true!

Have a beautiful day! CrazyLady 🌻

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Sounds simply amazing!! I too love to find hidden treasure spots, unspoiled bits of coastline, a perfect food spot for an iced coffee and danish, and so much more . Can’t wait to see the photos !

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