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PS: My God

Sorry, but as I was in the shower, I realized that I had to share God's hand in all this. See, what I forgot to tell you is that my doctors found scans I had done in 2015. 6 years ago. When going through those scans, they found my neuroendocrine tumor. Yes, it was there 6 years ago, and Dr. Nk said she estimates it was about 1.5 cm then. She also said that had it been caught, there is nothing they would have done. They would have watched it and waited for it to get to be 2 cm, then they would have done everything we have done the past 2 months, then they would have operated.

So, God spared me SIX years of fear. SIX years of watching and waiting. SIX years of deductibles. God waited until the PERFECT time to reveal, through the talented radiologist, a 2.1cm neuroendocrine tumor. Stage 1. Not stage 2, 3, or 4. He waited until it was right where it needed to be for something to be done, and then He revealed it, He loved me through the 2 months - NOT SIX years. I am lucky, I am blessed. And I will use this to glorify HIM!

Grateful daughter of the King!

Crazy Lady


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