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Recovery: "a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength."

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

September 14, 2021 I had my 2nd surgery. Endoscopically draining the balloon wrapped around the connection between my spleen and pancreas, which was filled with staph and other infections. By the grace of God my fever was an indicator that something was wrong. Began the "recovery" stage that week after coming home from the hospital. My goals? Walking to the mailbox and back in one shot (without stopping to smell the flowers, look at the pond, and see lizards). Then walking to the stop sign and back. Then walking around Key West with Meghan - 1 or 2 blocks without stopping and sitting. Finally, going back to work, part time, and surviving a 4 hour day. November 20th was the beginning of that. I would go to work for 4 hours, come home and go to sleep. I could barely breathe (lungs were affected by surgery). Could barely walk after my shifts. Began iron infusions because anemic, low red blood cells, bad liver enzymes. December 23 began Covid-19 symptoms...seriously? Hard core exposure since the beginning, hospitals, ER's, surgeries...3 weeks back to work and I get Covid??? New mandates said I could go back after 5 days, so back to work I went. This woman was on a mission of "recovery". I WANT to feel like Sandee. I wanted to feel like my old self again. I went back to work like a wrecking ball. Fake it till you make it. ALL in. Then, woah, major break down. Surprise, surprise. Guess who is NOT the same? Guess who realized she was forever changed? Holy cow. All of a sudden, I stopped and thought about everything I'd been through, every step (literal and figurative), every needle, every bruise, every scan, and I realized I would never be the same again. I'm different. I'm stronger. A year ago my biggest fear was cancer. My next biggest fear was a PET Scan. God said, "here, watch ME work, watch ME get you through those fears." There was no one holding my hand. No one sitting beside me. And, NO ONE fighting for me. It was ME and GOD. Guess what? We did it. I did it. HE saw me through, and I am changed. I am better. happier, healthier, and stronger than I have ever been!

Friday, February 18th, I looked at my steps (finally started wearing my watch again), and WHAT? I hit 11,000 steps! ME. The chick who 5 months ago could barely make it to her mailbox then needed a nap. I then realized THIS, THIS is what RECOVERED looks like. But, normal? Nope, not in a million years. I'll never claim to be normal again. Normal is overrated. I am CRAZYLADY, and I am better, crazier, healthier, stronger than ever and I am RECOVERED from my surgery. I am ready for the NEXT steps - whatever they are, wherever they are. I am open to every possibility that is ahead of me. But first, March 17, Alex and I are heading on an adventure - one of many for the year that is being planned. We are taking Natasha in search of colder temperatures because let's face it - I was born in Pennsylvania. I miss seasons and snow. Life is short, stop missing and start doing. What are YOUR next steps? Stop wishing, embrace whatever lies ahead. Own it! You will NOT regret what you do, only what you didn't do! Thanks for your time, it's precious! Forever crazy - CrazyLady


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