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T-minus 4 days

What a week it has been. Meghan moved out with her awesome boyfriend into a great place in Hollywood. Alex celebrated his 15th birthday at Boy Scout camp in GA. Me, well, I'm planning a trip, AND an emotional basket case. Meghan and I celebrated by having some girls over, talking, playing, eating and laughing. I showed off Natasha, she showed off her boxes (packed and sitting in our entrance)! Sometimes the support of your girls is exactly what you need. July is my month. I am celebrating life, family, and friends. A very long tailgate/pre-surgery adventure. Visiting some of my many loved ones - unfortunately I cannot get to all of them or I'd never get to Alaska!!!

There's a Tim McGraw song "Live Like You Were Dying" that has a line that says "How's it hit you when you get that kind of news? Man, what'd you do?" Well, the day I found out I had cancer I sat down with my manager and she helped my plan my vacation days so I could have enough time to get to Alaska. You don't wait your entire adult life for a trip like this then put it on the back burner when you find out you have cancer, well, I don't. This cancer won't kill me, but my life post surgery is going to look different. How different, we don't know. So, the open road is calling. Cooler climates are calling. Nature is calling - and I'm driving pedal to the metal!!! Bring it on!

My road warrior partner comes home tonight. We have a lot to do before Wednesday, and I work 4 more days (6 straight). Alaska is happening even if they don't let me through Canada, because Meghan and Wolf are flying to Alaska - they planned to surprise me, but I had a Plan B and they were afraid I'd tour the lower 48, so they told me. The day I got permission from my Oncologist to travel, they bought their tickets 🎟!!! I changed Plan B, so we ARE going to Alaska.

Updates will be forthcoming, every day or other day...prayers appreciated. See you on the road!



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Roxanne Chilson
Roxanne Chilson
Jun 26, 2021

I hope so happy for you. My prayers are always with you and I know you will "have the time of your life".

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