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Thank God for Walmart

After trying to find somewhere close to Missoula to 💤 and nothing was available, I decided to stop the crazy and...

sleep in a Walmart!

I always joked that when I bought a camper van, I would be able to sleep at a Walmart. Well, here we are. A few thousand miles away from home, and Walmart came through!

As you can see, there are many people sleeping here. I needed to stay near the town because I have an appointment at 1pm to get the windshield replaced. We called and were told to come into Customer Service, we filled out a log with license plate and name, then good to go.

We made barbecue (Sweet Baby Ray's sauce) chicken (from a can) sandwiches / wrap. We bought a couple movies and a DVD player, watched a movie in the parking lot, then went to bed.

There are cars, vans, campers, and I'm sure each one is as grateful as me!

Thankful and Crazy in a Walmart parking lot.


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