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Too Much Knowledge

Hi. We live in a technological world. Ask Siri. Hey, Alexa. Google, what does... Sometimes too much access, too much knowledge, is just that...too much. You want to know how to make anything, it's at your fingertips. You want to know how long to cook a turkey, easy as pie. You want to know what a medical term or condition is, duh, Google is your best friend. Or is it?

MyChart. Medical history through my local Memorial Healthcare System. All my stuff in one app. Super cool. Until it's not. Until you have copies of your reports, but the doctor hasn't called to explain them. Until you start Googling terms that you don't have a degree to define. Until your daughter starts Googling, who has medical knowledge, and says we should just wait.

Then it becomes a give this crap to God thing, it's above my pay grade. Don't panic, don't jump the gun. Take a deep breath, and...wait. Yep, that again. Wait another day to hopefully get the doctor, so he can explain what's next.

So, my prayer life is strong. God's peace has definitely come over me. I got my first COVID shot (Moderna) today because I want to control what I can. Because I'm planning that trip to Alaska. Because I want to reduce my odds. And because I definitely don't want to carry it home, or to my mother-in-law. And last but not least, this is one thing I want to worry less about.

I have other stuff to worry about. But, I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to turn to my heavenly Father, allow Him to carry this burden, and I'm going to take it one day at a time. I'm going to get a good night's sleep. I trust He has a plan for me, and I trust that He loves me.

Thanks for the love and thanks for the prayers. Keep 'em coming.

Crazy Lady 🐸

PS: FROG = Fully Rely On God


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