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Top 10 Favorite Sleeps (so far) 😴

I've slept in a lot of states. In tents, Kabins, hotels, motels, cars (not my fav), couches (thanks family and friends), air mattresses, rv's...that about covers it. But here is a list of some of my favorite places and why.

  1. San Antonio, TX, Alamo KOA - safe (guard at gate), well maintained, nice staff, AWESOME breakfast! (I've actually stayed here 3 times) Super close to The Alamo, and a Taco Bell!🥟

  2. Wolf Lodge Campground, Coeur d'Alene, ID - Such beautiful surroundings, the sunrise was gorgeous, mountains and water, people were fantastic!

  3. Hampton Inn, Puyallup, WA - extremely clean, COVID-19 practices were spot on, staff were the best, and check out was noon! We just loved our stay there, they made it easy and restful!

  4. Yellowstone - everywhere we have stayed here (cottage, tent sites) is perfect. The scenery cannot be beat, and the wildlife are everywhere. Nothing like crawling into your tent after watching a buffalo go through your site, or eating snacks in your tent in the middle of a thunderstorm because you can't cook any food because your wood is soaked!

  5. Fremont Inn, Lakeview, OR - after traveling for more than a week together, my sister, Kim, her son, Carson, Alex and I needed a bit of space. This hotel in the middle of this little town, had 2 room suites, and great owners. Kim and I ran to the local grocery store, bought stuff to heat in the microwave for dinner and breakfast, came back, ate, then they went in their room, we went in ours. It was exactly what we needed!

  6. Sheffield, VT, Airbnb. This town, this home, these people were so sweet. The scenery in Sheffield is stunning, especially with snow on the ground, in the middle of the Green Mountains. Love everything about the wood pellet stove, the animals, the sunrise, and the accommodations! Stephanie and Marc were fantastic!

  7. ME campground just outside of Acadia National Park. Beautiful spacious tent sites, bathrooms with toilets, showers, sinks - cozy like at home, which came in handy when I got food poisoning that lasted for hours. YUCK. Would definitely stay at that site again, although the 2nd night I was too weak to get out of the car.

  8. Mesa Verde National Park campground. They do have beautiful hotel rooms at the top of the park that have stunning views, however, I've stayed in the car and tent twice. Spaced out sites, gorgeous views, deer, awesome showers, great breakfasts. This campground makes you feel connected to the history and past. So peaceful!

  9. Prytannia Park Hotel, New Orleans, LA, Garden District. Alex, Meghan, and I found this hotel on a whim, while traveling. Our booked hotel was horrible, and not fit to stay in with 2 kids. Beyonce was in town, and there was an alcohol convention. Limited availability everywhere. After drama at the bad hotel, then driving around for an hour, we found this place, went into the office, they let the kids go check out the room, they came back and said " YES, we are staying here". This is not a fancy hotel, but it is perfect. I cannot tell you how many nights I have stayed here, I've stayed with others and alone. It is safe, free parking with 24 hour security, great restaurants in walking distance, people are great, and it is in my most favorite city!

  10. Hixton/Alma Center, WI - KOA - so darn pretty, best kept campground ever! Apple trees, pond with fountain, the grounds and landscaping are beautiful!

I don't use an air mattress, usually sleep very well on the ground - could be I'm just dead dog tired - but I've found it works for me. Less time to set up, less stuff to carry. Once I slept in my car, with Meghan, Stephanie, and Edwin, at the highest KOA in the world (outside of Colorado Springs) because it was 34 degrees - way too cold to be setting up a tent. In the morning, I padded to the office in my pajamas and asked for a Kabin - with a heater! Didn't realize that July and August in certain places are still very cold, especially at night. I've been in Florida since I was 12, have learned a lot by traveling alone across the US.

Headed to my actual bed, love reminiscing on past adventures, while I'm planning the next one! Stay tuned, there are alligators in our near future! 🐊

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