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We did it!

Meet the newest member of our family! We brought her home June 9th, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. My camping experience just leveled up. New learning curves - water system, tanks, batteries, dumping. Alex and I can handle this, this is MY dream, and Steve made it a reality.

Anxious, butterflies, excitement - I am a roller coaster 🎢 right now. No more bag of snacks, bag of dishes, bag of cleaning stuff. Everything is going to have a place. Drawer for utensils. Cabinets for seasonings and food and dishes. This is just WOW!!!!!

Ready or not, Alaska is in my sights, this trip is coming together, 1 mile at a time.

Natasha because it's the only name we could agree on. She is a badass Marvel character - yes we name our animals, vehicles, Roomba (Letty) after movie characters. It's our thing.

Anyway, she has 31,400 miles, and I plan to add a lot more. We are going to love the hell out of her. She's not fancy, but she's exactly what we wanted.

The last couple of months searching for the right one has been stressful on us. Every time we found one it would sell immediately. Even Natasha was sold to the person who saw her before us. Fortunately, that offer fell through. I told God the night of the 7th that I was done. I was exhausted, Steve wasn't sleeping, I couldn't handle getting my hopes up anymore, I was just going to drive my Accord. The morning of the 8th we got a text from the original owner and I just cried. I could not believe our looking and everything was over. One of those "pinch me" moments!

So, here we go. 2 weeks and 4 days to departure. Much love and thanks for the prayers. Can't wait to start this journey!

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