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Winds of North and South Dakota

Hey there, crazy people! What a whirlwind this past month has been. But, first, I've gotta tell you, the winds across North and South Dakota are no joke! When I was driving Natasha across North Dakota, the newscasters were saying wind gusts of 30mph. Have you ever driven in a tropical storm, or during a hurricane? If you have, you are primed for driving across these two states. It's one thing in a car, but man, when you get in something like a Class B Camper Van, going 75-80 miles an hour, winds hitting the side of the van at 30mph, it's a two hands on the wheel, white knuckles all the way, and steering into the gusts. What an adrenaline rush...for hours!!!

But, there is something about these two states. The energy you feel in the Badlands, and in Theodore Roosevelt National Park - the heat, the winds, the wildlife, the just feels different, special, slightly wild still.

There are miles of cornfields, and sunflowers, amber waves of grain moving in the wind...when you breathe, you breathe deeply, and just feel different!

We also did a real touristy thing - recommended by Greg - that turned out to be a really cool educational experience (those are the best)! The Corn Palace has so much history behind it, art - made out of corn, and a glimpse into the history of this area through pictures of the annual corn art over the past 100+ years. It's free. and a great place to stretch your legs. There is a fantastic little ice cream/coffee shop across the street, too!!!

There is so much to see in this beautiful country, I cannot encourage you enough to get out there and explore. Start small if you must, but start. Begin. Be crazy, embrace life.

CrazyLady, signing off for now, more to come soon, I promise!


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