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Welcome to Crazy Lady Adventures

Sweet Surrender Candle
Sweet Surrender Candle

Road Trips and Candles are my passion!

This is a passion turned into a business, created by one crazy lady - ME - Sandee, who discovered how much she loves nature and road trips - born out of necessity (and the fact that I'm frugal). Crazy Lady Adventures started from humble beginnings when I had to take my daughter to competitions on a tight budget (often with her friends in tow).  We would sleep in tents, pack coolers for food, and spend as little cash as possible. In fact, my 1st trip to New Orleans was with 10 kids, in a CHEAP hotel, hiding all of them in my 1 room! What I didn't realize then, is that small necessity opened up a passion in me that I knew was there but had no idea the magnitude.  


My passengers and I learned to experience the excitement of the journey (or some just tolerated it) and not just speeding to the destinations.  So, camping in KOA parks, long lunches at road side rest stops (New Mexico has really beautiful rest stops), and restroom breaks in some areas that I even questioned, became the norm for anyone riding along on the adventure. I learned to savor every road trip through all of my senses. 

There is nothing else I would rather do than jump in Natasha
 (read BLOG for more on Natasha) and travel this vast land and see all there is to see. I take road trips for the sake of road trips, not the destination.  I love to explore the outdoors, see the beautiful nature that God created, learn about the history of anything we encounter, stop and smell the flowers (trees, animals, storms, etc), interact with the locals, take backroads and enrich our knowledge with the culture of that area. We even planned an entire trip around driving the old Route 66 (the destination was the road).  I have traveled by myself, with only one child, and with multiple people.  The more people I can share this world with the better.  You will never experience the absolute true beauty unless you physically stand there yourself BUT if I can give you even half the experience I have had then you will be able to see and appreciate what this country has to offer.

Getting ready for open house

Recent Blog Posts

In 2022, having recovered from pancreatic cancer surgery, then losing one of my closest friends to colon cancer, I became very driven and focused on enhancing my quality of life, and embracing my passions. I will now be sharing another side of my trips with you.  In my store, you will be able to purchase candles that represent some of the places we have traveled, as well as some of the candles I've created based on my life.  Most candles are poured inside a reusable container so that once burned they are able to be repurposed.  I embrace recycling and repurposing and hope you enjoy them with me.  Each candle collection is named after a place I love and the fragrance is inspired by something memorable. Then there are the "Sandee's Special Collection" candles that represent things in my life. The more I've been creating, the more this is evolving. There is now a Summer Collection, Wildcat Collection, and more. I am inspired every day by my family, friends, and life. You will not only be able to see and hear about the experiences (traveled or life) but you will be able to enjoy them in the way I interpret them in candle form.

After traveling to 49 states (with that elusive Hawaii still looming) we may soon even start taking requests of where I should travel to next (although 2024 is taking us to Italy). I had one experience last summer that my long time friend and her son inspired. They suggested Alex and I see the original London Bridge which was dismantled, shipped to the U.S., and reassembled in AZ, when Roxanne knew we were going through AZ. It was a unique experience to "live the moment" with her and maybe one day I can live something with you.

Life may have you reaching for goals and destinations, but the true beauty lies
in the journey and the experience of every moment that leads you to that destination.











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